CPD Training Programme

Below you will find details of our Spring/Summer workshops for 2019. Please fill out the Booking Form 2019 and send it to us with payment to reserve your place.


The Challenges of Working with Dissociative Disorder – Remy Aquarone

Saturday 6th April 2019, 10.00-4.00.

PDF_downlaodThe Challenges of Working with Dissociative Disorder CPD Flyer

Dissociation is a condition that can be frightening to live with, can cause apprehension, confusion and disbelief among professionals and can be exhausting and despairing for carers, partners and relatives. But, with the right diagnosis, the right treatment in place and the right support structure incorporated for all involved, a positive long term outcome can be realised. This workshop will give you an opportunity to see and discuss the impact of a client being ready and able to enter therapy and the need for boundaries, containment and establishing stabilising techniques. Recognising and understanding why clients switch is important and will be considered as a factor while looking at it as part of the much wider context.


The Counsellor’s Toolbox when working with Shame: Exercises to Break the Silence of Shame and build Shame Resilience – Christiane Sanderson – FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 4th May 2019, 10.00 – 4.00

PDF_downlaod The Counsellors Toolbox when working with Shame CPD Flyer

Shame is like a virus that infects the soul and yet remains largely hidden. As a social emotion shame regulates social behaviour and is often shrouded in secrecy and silence. This training day will provide professionals working with shame an opportunity to develop and enhance their existing skills by adding new techniques to their therapeutic repertoire. In adopting a workshop style approach, counsellors and practitioners will have an opportunity to actively engage with a range of tried and tested exercises to use with clients who experience shame. The aim is to enable practitioners to explore more creative ways of working with shame to help clients break the silence and secrecy of shame and build shame resilience through authentic pride.


Understanding and Recognising Sex Addiction – Justin Marsh

Saturday 15th June 2019, 10.00-4.30

PDF_downlaodUnderstanding and Recognising Sex Addiction CPD Flyer

This workshop aims to provide counsellors and psychotherapists with a thorough understanding of sex addiction from a biopsychosocial viewpoint. Ultimately only the ‘addict’ can decide if their behaviour is ‘addictive’ or out of control but this intense and information packed day will help therapists to guide the client in making that decision. The day also provides the tools for developing understanding of the roots of the addiction and suggestions for providing ongoing work and referral.


Working with Avoidant Clients: Anxiety, Defences and Shame – Linda Cundy

Saturday 6th July 2019, 10.00-4.30

PDF_downlaodWorking with Avoidant Clients CPD Flyer

The day will focus on the avoidant client and the particular difficulties that can arise in therapeutic work. The importance of assessment, of tailoring therapy to engage ‘resistant’ clients, and potential pitfalls, will be addressed.